The highly professional administration department is organised to keep up with the new market requirements. It provides versatile solutions tailored to the various needs of clients and assets, a comprehensive management service ranging from property management to management both for commercial and office buildings; through the integration of a new management software with the accounting program, OCM is able to deal with every administrative, managing, accounting and fiscal aspect.

Administrative Services Focus on the Management of Contracts and Overhead Expenses

  • Legal notices for contract executions, terminations and assignments;
  • Calculation of installments, rent invoicing and possible reviews/updates;
  • Calculation of interests on arrears, fines and respective invoicing;
  • Management of registration duty;
  • Management of guarantees;
  • Notifications of breaches of contract;
  • Supervisions of legal disputes and debt collection;
  • Preparation of cash flow and cash office analysis;
  • Preparation of management/administration reports;
  • Book-keeping and management of civil and tax compliance’s;
  • Budget and preparation of overhead final balances;
  • Allocation of overheads and respective invoicing;
  • Updating and adjustment of condominium expenses splitting;
  • Company compliance management;
  • Support to the landlords and/or to the tenants in setting up new retail units.