OCM provides consultancy to Agents, Investors and Retailers in all project development and management phases, helping them to identify optimal strategic choices and acting as a controller in the executive sphere.

The company has the professional expertise required to offer its clients a multidisciplinary approach, a key requisite that companies currently look for when identifying a trusted partner for advisoring.

The consultancy provided is based on one hand on its analysis model consolidated and fine-tuned over years of experience of its partners and, on the other hand, on the result of a tailor-made approach adapted to the specific needs and qualities of each client.

Clients can currently benefit from the following internal expertises: Accountancy & Administration, Shopping Center Management, Property Management, Leasing, Temporary Rent, Pilotage, Technical Services, Legal Advice, Marketing, Asset, Capital Market and Brokerage Services, Market Research and Feasibility Study.

For Developers

  • Identifying objectives and efficient use of resources;
  • Assistance with bureaucracy and liaising with local governments;
  • Market research, including project feasibility analysis and merchandising mix.

For Investors

  • Risk assessment;
  • Assessment of management structure and procedures,;
  • Long term performance assessment;
  • Due diligence aimed at structure restyling.

For Retailers

  • Analysis of consumer trends and specific retail sectors;
  • Estimate of sales potential and impact analysis of competition;
  • Monitoring and keeping up to date with developments in merchandising formats.