OCM is an leader in the market research sector in the Balkan.

Its approach is based on independent, transparent and impartial analysis aiming to provide the client with a solid evaluation to develop its business on. The goal is to provide all relevant information on the current situation whilst forecasting possible future scenarios as well, so that the client is able to take informed decisions, reducing all connected risks as far as possible.

Furthermore, OCM works regularly with the Owners to monitor the performance of shopping centers in order to determine any improvements to be made to the merchandising mix or to the complex as a whole. The thousands of interviews carried out every year in numerous shopping centers of different sizes and in different locations, as well as the ongoing dialogue with management and marketing staff working in the centers, gives OCM a privileged overview of consumers, scenarios and sales trends.

These experiences are priceless when it comes to taking decisions with regard to existing projects and better evaluating those under planning or in an expansion phase.

Research Services

  • Feasibility studies: analysis of the catchment area, sales potential and customer profile;
  • Competition analysis;
  • Customer surveys and focus groups;
  • Definition of the merchandising plan, of strategic positioning and concept;
  • Traffic flow studies and analysis of road network.