Personal Experience

Mauro Abruzzese was born on October 24, 1974 in Pescara, Abruzzo (ITALY).

He began his professional career in 1995 in the family real estate business first taking care of residential properties and then in 1997 to develop one of the first shopping centers in Abruzzo that he ran until mid-2006. At the same time he founded the company S.I.A. s.r.l. of which he becomes Sole Administrator and Managing Director with which he has dealt with the development of residential real estate complexes.

At the end of 2006, he joined Klepierre – BNP Paribas (a leading company in Europe in the field of commercial centers) for which he managed as a Senior Shopping Center Manager important shopping centers in Italy. In 2009 he joined Cogest Retail, the first independent company in the management and leasing of shopping centers with the role of Senior Shopping Center Manager.

In 2016 he founded with other colleagues the Association “ADCC” (Association of Shopping Center Manager Italy) in which he was appointed Deputy Executive Chairman. Role currently covering.

In 2017 he joined Svicom Sviluppo Commerciale as Senior Shopping Center Manager and has managed the shopping center “Mongolfiera Lecce”, considered one of the most quoted and performing shopping centers of the south – Italy.

In April 2018 he co-founded OCM International with Naser Hoxha, CEO of OXA Group, in which he covers the position of CEO and Managing Director.